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Judge illegally sold guns to known felon.

Judge Tim Wright illegally sold seven guns to a known felon without completing a 4473 form (which is a mandatory background check of the buyer before selling him or her a firearm.) which would have told Mr Wright that he was a felon. When buying the gun Mr. Wright lied saying that he was buying guns for himself. Wright who is Dallas native graduated in 1968 from the University of North Texas State University and earned his law degree from Baylor in 1970. Last Wednesday Wright went in front of a federal judge and pleaded not guilty. The judge ordered Tim Wright to hand over his United States passport, ordering him to turn in all of his guns, the federal judge also took away his Concealed Hand gun License and restricted Mr. Wright's travels to Williamson county and Travis county. Wrights home was searched on March 27, by officials from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, firearms and explosives, where they seized 51 firearms found in his home.

Two accused of Manslaughter in Mediterranean migrant boat capsizing.

Lifeboat, tossing water to migrants.

Muhammad Ali Malek faces the same charges as one of his crew member, Mahmud Bikhit, after causing a rekless shipwreck of a ship with about 850 aboard traveling from Libya. Both of them face manslaughter charges after allegedly changing his navigation equipment to ram the boat into a merchant ship that had come to aid them. Authorities plan to ask a judge to keep these two man in jailed as the case continues. A lawyer has been appointed to the two men and on Friday a judge will hold hearing, and listen two 5 witnesses. Migrants from libya have increased the past year and an estimated 1,700 migrants have died going on this journey.

Connecticut girl forced to undergo Chemotherapy


Cassandra C. 17, was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma last September, both her and her mother refused to have chemotherapy believing that it causes more damage than it helps. Which forced a Connecticut judge to force treatment by confining her to the hospital. Cassandra's mother was not allowed to visit her while she was in temporary state custody. The State was awarded custody after Cassandra missed several appointments and ran away. The case went to the state supreme court which ruled that the state of Connecticut was not violating her rights. However after the cancer went into remission she understood that chemotherapy was not as bad as she thought it would have been.

University of Texas at San Antonio

Scholastic dishonesty includes cheating, plagiarism, collusion, taking an exam for another person, and any act designed to give a unfair advantage to a student or the attempt to commit such acts. This policy applies to all STUDENTS and FACULTY.  If suspected the teacher should follow a set guidelines before deciding if a student has cheated or not. The consequences could include a suspension, expulsion, denial or revocation of degree, and/or withdrawal of diploma.


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