Ease the Burdens of Your Loved Ones through a Prearranged Funeral

No one likes to think of their own mortality, but it’s an eventuality everyone will have to face. For the loved ones left behind after a sudden — or even expected — death, the first few days can be especially trying. Aside from the grief they have to face, final arrangements have to be made and paid for. This can add extra burdens to an already difficultperiod and may cause undo financial stress.

This is where The Elephas Group comes in. By planning ahead for that unavoidable day, youcan spare yourfriends and loved ones the burden of making financial arrangements.

To begin formulating a personal plan for funeral arrangements, check out The Elephas Group online. Their team of certified preplanning consultants can help with such issues as:

  • Creating a funeral plan. Dictating in advance what arrangements should be made and how final dispositions should be handled is critical for easing the burden on loved ones. It can be difficult for family members to second-guess personal desires withregard to burial type, final resting location, service wishes, and more. Planners can help get the details on paper and lay the financial groundwork to make them happen. When this information is recorded in advance, family and friends will know exactly how to proceed — with no guessing required.
  • Tying up loose ends. There’s more to preplanning than simply spelling out final wishes and putting together the necessary funds. Family members and loved ones will also need to have a lot of the smaller details attended to. Planning should include information for those left behind about who to notify in the event of death. Insurance organizations, government programs, bank and credit card companies, and other accounts will need to be attended to. This information goes above and beyond a will to include the must-know details.
  • Setting a budget. The average funeral today costs approximately$10,000 — and thesecosts will surelyrise. The professionals at The Elephas Group can help clients lock in today’s prices with funeral homes and burial locations across the country and help see your savings grow. The first place to start, however, is by setting the details down in writingand by establishing a desired budget.
  • Establishing a final needs planning program. Once a plan is on paper, funding it in advance of needing to use it is the key to ensuringthat families don’t face economic burdens. Visit Theelephasgroup.ca for details on how to start saving for this eventuality while locking in prices at today’s rates.

Mortality is an uncomfortable topic, but it’s one everyone has to face. Preplanning can take the burdens off those left behind, so turn to the professionals at The Elephas Group forhelp.

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The Elephas Group is comprised of a highly specialized team of Certified Preplanning Consultants. The group works to help clients take care of their Final Needs Planning in advance, so burdens are eased down the road. To find out more, check out The Elephas Group online.

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