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Video sales letters are PROVEN to make tons of money.

And that’s why gurus like Ryan Deiss and Frank Kern prefer using VSLs.

But the real ingredient of a VSL is the SCRIPT.

A strong script means tons of sales and…

a weak script means visitor gonna leave the video in the middle

…getting you no sale.

To write A Video Script that SELLS you have 3 options.

Write a script yourself – though do it only if you are a copywriter or else you gonna do more Damage.

Either get a pro copywriter though get ready to Pay A Fortune


By the time your VSL is just half way through – they are already SOLD!

Using proven templates and excerpts from million dollar minds and launches, CopyBuilder builds VSL scripts that grab user’s attention from the VERY FIRST second.

PLUS it does so much more than just VSLs – its almost insane not to get it.

If you want to Turbo-Charge your videos

…for maximum PROFITS without any hassle…

then CopyBuilder is what you need.

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