Chocolate Fever

Melissa Russell and Alexa York


  • The Call to Adventure- Henry Green contracts Chocolate Fever and it frightens him, making him decide to run away.
  • Supernatural Aid- Henry is helped along the way by a truck driver named Mac who gives him a ride when Henry is stranded. Mac also protects Henry against the gunmen when they enter Mac's truck.
  • Crossing of Threshold- Henry is scared of all the people poking and prodding him, so he runs away from the hospital.
  • Belly of the Whale- Henry is surrounded by schoolchildren as he enters the schoolyard and they make fun of him and threaten to beat him up because of his hideous brown spots.


  • The Road of Trials- Henry and Mac are hijacked by gunmen that are looking for expensive furs to steal.
  • Atonement with Father- Henry goes home and reunites with his parents and they achieve a closer family relationship.
  • Supreme Ordeal- Henry and Mac visit a huge candy store in which the owner, Mr. Cane, gives them the cure for Chocolate Fever-- vanilla pills.
  • The Ultimate Boon- Henry goes home completely cured and happy to be alive.

The Return:

  • The Magic Flight- Mac brings Henry to his home.
  • Crossing the Return Threshold- Henry returns home safely and with a new friend.

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