Iraq Water Profile


This graph shows and compares the populations of Turkey, Syria, and Iraq. As you can see, Turkey has the greatest population, then Iraq, and lastly Syria has the smallest population.

This graph shows each country's population and expected population over a course of 55 years. Iraq's population increases the most over time, which means there will be many more people. All of these people will need more water, so Iraq as a whole will need to be receiving more water as their population continue to increase.

Water Availability and Use

This graph compares the total amount of  renewable water and the total amount of water withdrawal. Although, there is a lot of renewable water in Iraq, lots of the water is not renewable (over 40 cubic km). Over time Iraq will lose all this water unless they start receiving more water.

The graph above compares the internal and external water resources that Iraq has access to. As the graph shows, Iraq gets over half their water from outside of the kcountry which means that the Tigris and Euphrates River don't actually provide them with very much water.

Water Needs

This graph shows how Iraq uses the water that they withdrawal. It is very easy to see that the majority of Iraq's water is used for agriculture purposes, 92% of it to be exact. This is important because food is a vital resource, so Iraq should receive more water than other countries, in order to grow this vital resource.

Additional Information

This graph compares each country's water withdrawal for agricultire. As it appears, Iraq uses the most water for agriculture. This is important because food is a very valuable resource, and so Iraq can grow this food they will need to receive more water.

This graph compares the amount of water flowing into the country from other countries. It's pretty obvious that Iraq has the most water flowing into their country from other countries. This is important because it means that if other countries, such as Syria and Turkey, start to take water from the Euphrates and Tigris River. Iraq will be greatly effected, and their water supply will quickly diminish.

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