Career Research Project

Nurseing Joel Corso

                                                       Necessary Job Requirements

Great People Skills- You have to be friendly and kind to patients and long term care people so they feel like its home and not a prison.

Good Communication and observation-you have to be able to talk to patients and be able to get them what they want or to know if they are in pain and how badly the pain because your the only person who can help them with it.

Dealing with emotions- as a nurse death is a regular if you are dealing with patients from the ER or dealing with long term patients. You will have to help patients cope with the fact that they are or might die, and also help patients family deal with the death of a loved one.

                                                       Education Requirements

To become a nurse you have to at least a High school Education to be a CNA. But to be a Registered nurse you need associates degree in nursing which is usually can be achieved through most community colleges that are hospital based schools for nursing.


The school i have chosen for my career is the Black Hawk Collage which offers both degrees and certifications in the field of nursing. Also Black hawk offers classes one of which is called Practical nursing Program which is designed to prepare students for direct patient care which is under the supervision of a Doctor or a Registered nurse.                                                              Requirements for black hawk collage

                            Completing a compasseericson test and also a high school diploma

                                                                   The words I live by

" I wont to look back at life when im old and remember all the thing i did do and not the things i didn't do"- The Dudesons. I live by this quote because it make remember how short life is and that we only have a small amount of time on earth to make a difference or to be happy. Also i will live by these words in the future because if im not happy about what im doing i will change because i don't want to regret it.

                                                                    My Role Model

My role model is my dad  because even though i don't always agree with what he says/believes I consider him my role model. I consider my dad  a man because when he is at work at home or in public he always  is putting others in front of himself also because is that even though there is always he always does the right thing and never backs down to no one or a challenge.


"Being a nurse is a great field to go in to because people will always need help when they cant provide it for themselves and in the next 20 years it will be a very prosperous career because of the baby boomers"(Li) I interviewed a co-worker named Sicong Li at hyvee who was a nurse in china but when he came to America all of his credentials didn't mean any thing in America and didn't get transferd over so he is currently going back to re-become a certified nurse. I agree with li because he was a nurse for a while and he is experienced and also my mom who is also a nurse says the same things to me as Li did.


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