Ralph Lauren (Lifshitz)

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class
made by MK 3rd hour

When was he born and where did he live?

He was born on October 14th, 1939, in The Bronx, NY.


He graduated from DeWitt High School in 1957, but went to all boys schools most of his schooling career. Ralph never really ever thought he would have been a fashion designer because as a kid he always wanted to be an athlete.


  • 1957 Graduated from DeWitt  High School.
  • 1967 started Polo Fashions.

Odd Facts...

  • He first wanted to be an athlete.
  • He changed his last name from "Lifshitz" to "Lauren" because he wanted a more memorable last name.
  • Lived through the Great Depression.


Ralph has had many other amazing opportunities including the one in the video. He started Polo Fashions in 1967 as a division of Beau Brummel.


In 1987, when Ralph was 48, he had to get operated on for a brain tumor.


In Ralph's life, his father mainly influenced his decisions because he taught him to go for what you want and to do what your heart desires.

What He Taught Me

Ralph's father taught him to go for what he wants to do and after I read his biography, he taught me the same thing because all the things he went through to get where he is, inspired me.

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