Teenage Psychology

By: Eva Theel

How much money do psychologists make?

Range: $68,000-$150,000

What do they do to research the brain?

They do experiments with machines that measure brain activity, and they do surveys that they give to teens.

How is the brain constructed?

The brain is like an double scoop ice cream cone. Cone=Brain stem (Basic Functions). First scoop=Limbic system (Emotions). Second scoop=Cortex (Thinking Part).

Adding on to that, the brain has many nuclei called amygdala(controls rage and fear), which is like all of the roads in America when they converge. The amygdala makes assessments of situations based on past experiences.

Is there a part of the brain that helps teenagers make more realistic and beneficial decisions?

Yes, it's called the PFC (pre-frontal cortex) and it isn't fully developed until mid-twenties. In picture, the teen doesn't have a fully developed PFC, so he doesn't make the right decision, or the best decision.

Is there any supplement that will help the teenage brain?

Fish oil supplements and Zinc are good for the brain;Zinc helps with mood regulation.

What are the substances that are bad for the brain?

Alcohol and drugs are bad for the brain. It affects the brain like Swiss cheese.

How does nutrition affect the brain?

It affects the brain by making your brain go slower if you don't get the proper nutrition. The brain needs Omega 3 fatty acids, fish oil supplements, and salmon to thrive.

What causes the teenage brain to change?

In teen years, the brain goes through a series of changes that molds the brain for the future. The influences that they're under determines their job in their adult years.


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