Mr.Brown Can Moo! Can You?

By: Aizec,  Ciara,  Kun, Romeo, and Ronan

A wonderful and a very fun book made by Dr.Seuss. This book features some interactive animal sounds, and other sounds that children can imitate. It enhances the child's oral and listening skills. Children will surely have a good time with this book as they discover unique sounds, as the story goes. Let us join Mr.Brown on this fun and happy adventure!

About one month ago, we were given a task to make this book more wonderful and interactive. We used a wide array of materials to help us make this book better. We encountered some difficulties along the way, but as the day ends, we stood up victorious and we accomplished our goal!

Our interactive book features an audio that helps little children enjoy our book more. We also integrated the use of Scratch and Makey Makey  to make our book 100% enjoyable and very educational. We hope that you enjoy our awesome book!

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