Learning to Teach
Day 14: (Rough Draft Buddy Check)

The student today was doing the last part of their research paper. Today students got with their partners from the make the advertisement poster project so they were with students that could help those who were the lower level. In the pair students were to read and edit the students rough drafts.

I provided a worksheet that students needed to fill out while they were reading the rough drafts. This I felt would help the students focus, as well as provide good feedback to the student themselves. This I based off of what I knew of LDC, and I knew that buddy checks were beneficial. The other positive thing of the day was that after that students did the buddy check, they had the rest of the time to apply those changes if there were any and then write and finish their final draft. They also had the time to ask me any questions about citations and information for the paper.

Something I could have changed might have been that I could have collected the buddy check at the end of the period for some points, however I did not want to do that because I didn't want to take away the papers from the students because they should be using them to write their papers. I did say that I was collecting that paper at the time when the final paper was due.

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