Shakespeare Project: 8th Grade

Explore the story of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet as you like. Re create the 15 minute version of Romeo and Juliet in one of the following ways. All projects are due Monday Nov. 2 and must be ready to tour to Wakefield for the Drama Open House on Nov. 24.

Acting Project: Perform the 15 minute R & J for a live audience

Design Project: Craft, construct, design the costumes for the characters in your version of R & J.

Think Project: Create a family tree of characters that visually represents how all the characters are connected and in conflict.

Wacky Project: Perform your 15 minute R & J as a puppet show or as a 12 shot photo montage

Movement Project: Perform your 15 minute R & J as 12 tableaus. Clearly communicate the story through movement only.