RAUL MARTINEZ

I thought we were gonna gonna have a really good time,and that i was gonna see people that i know and catch up . I enjoyed the part were they put soap on there hands and lit it on fire, because it made me forget about sitting down and the pain my but was having. My least favorite part of the day was when we had too sit on the floor for four hours instead of taking a tour of the college. I think it would be better if we actually went on tour instead of sitting on the floor because it got really frusterating. Maybe because it seems like a good college and they accept really smart people,and it would motivate me to become a better person. I probably would go to Uta since they gave me a really broad description of the school, and i live really close to it. It really looks like a really good school and it has really good athletic clubs. I would probably go for the soccer training so i can become a professional.

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