The theme of my website is to Appreciate   

Delaina Fletcher

Do you know who this is ? This is Mr.Mike one of the custodian's at Discovery Middle School

 The theme of my picture is to appreciate,because some teachers  and the custodians don't get the Appreciated enough in our school.In the lunch room children throw things on the grown and leave them there without caring.Those students' that do that don't see how hard it is to be a custodian,they don't understand that if it was not for them being here our school would not look as clean and pretty as it does now they are not being very Appreciative at all.Think of at lunch after you eat look around does it look clean NO I did not think so!The custodians stay  after 10:00 o'clock at night almost every day because they want the children to go to school in a healthy environment ,they care about us we are like their children they don't want us to get sick so they clean the school so you wont get sick.In a picture below you will see another custodian can you tell me her name NO I did not think so either that is Mrs.B.You might not have know who she is but don't you know she pick up after you too everyday and you might not ever know her but it takes a ninja to clean a whole school and not being seen,that's really cool .You should know who the custodians are they do so much for us and this school,they care and treat each and every one of us like family so learn the sames and if you have forgotten to say thank you,you should say it now.

This is Mrs.Larson she is a 6th grade apps teacher and a 8th grade Spanish teacher.

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