Toussaint L"ouverture

By Tanaijah

Toussaint L'ouverture was born May 20,1743- April 17,1803 in Haiti.He was a former slave in Haiti .In 177 he wanted to free all slaves.He wanted to fight spain because they were the ones who took over them. .So he ask who every wanted to fight in my army i will give the you freedom and some fought and the france help them and they defeat the spain.Toussaint L'ouverture became govern general of Haiti.The France came back over and said we want ower power back we want to control.So The France put Toussaint L'overture in jailed and when his army heard that he was thrown in jail they fought for him.The defeated the France but Toussaint L'overture died in the jail so he dint see what happen when his army had won and defeat the France.In 1804 the city had a Declared Haiti Independent of France and ruler.Every Independent day they always celerbrate that day for him.Toussaint was a great man and died for his life so that the other people will have freedom.

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