Laurie Halse Anderson

March 24, 2015
Contrasts and Contradictions

The beginning of the book Tyler is working on construction. He had to  do community service for a prank he did. He sprayed painted the school so he wouldn't be known as the freak everyone thought he was. He was known as a nerd and now people are starting to realize him. The question that confuses me the most is, was it that important to fit in? He planned many ways to make his mark. Once everyone found out it was him, he was on probation and had to do community service. Tyler had to lift many heavy objects and started to get stronger and he was tan. By the time school came many people started to realize him and he liked the attention especially when Bethany Milbury started to notice him. Maybe the prank worked because he was being noticed by people but not for long. It was so important for him to become popular that he was willing to risk it all. I don't understand why it's so important for people to be popular or noticeable.  

March 25, 2015
Again and Again

Tyler mentions his dad again and again in the book Twisted. His dad is mean and has a drinking problem. He works late and Tyler and everyone else doesn't mind when he isn't home. Tyler mentions how when he was little his dad was nice and acted like a father. He talks about a flashback when his dad would sit him on the counter of the sink and put shaving cream on and let him use and old toothbrush to "shave". Tyler's mom would try to act like it was okay how the father was acting. I can see why Tyler is so upset with his dad, but no one does anything to stand up.

March 26, 2015
Memory Moment

Tyler has this memory of his dad not being there for him. His sister got hit in the head and their dad shows up instead of their mom. Tyler has a flashback to when he fell off his bike and his dad never showed up. This tells us how his dad just stopped being their for him. He was so surprised when his dad showed up when his younger sister Hannah was in the trainer's room. The dad is meant to seem like a bad guy in the book, but he doesn't really do anything to hurt them. He just is never home which I could understand because jobs need you 24/7 but your kids are still important. Tyler wants to say something but he's afraid that his dad might do something he'll regret. All he does is let his father yell at him.