Amazing surf dogs


First, the owner has fun with his dog in water and they are excited for the fun in the water. Second, the owner pushes the surfboard with the dog on it into the little waves and when the dog on it is comfortable, the owner pushes the dogs into big waves. Third, they have to balance the surfboard.


The dogs that can be surf dogs are any dogs but the best dogs at surfing is Golden retriever, Jack russell terrier and a English bulldog. Not all dogs want to be surf dogs when they do there first try.


First, for surf dogs it is to have fun. Second, they help people to surf. Third, they help people that can't walk, who weren't born with arms or have brain damage to be in water.


Surf dogs can also do fashion shows and costume contests. A girl named Abbie and other surf dogs were in a movie named, Marmaduke. There are more than 20 surf dogs.


Every year surf dogs get more skill at surfing. Abbiegirl, an Australian Kelpie, dog contest with a perfect score in 2010. In one amazing feat she went on two surfboards in one wave. In 2011 AbbieGirl has the world record for riding the biggest wave and she traveled 65 yards and (59 m) more than a half the length of a football field.

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2 years ago

Wow! Dogs are incredible! Good job Logan!