American Culture

By Mike Hawley

The American flag is a symbol that represents freedom, and is very well valued by Americans. It also represents that we have accomplished what we fought for during the Revolution. Independence.

There is great diversity within the American culture. America is made up of many different ethnicities, religions, languages,(English is the main language in America), and traditions within the groups of people. It seems as though the cultures are entirely different in each corner of America.

Auguste Comte wanted to find a solution to chaos. He strongly believed in order and change, and is known as the founder of sociology.

Karl Marx believed the society is greatly influenced by the economy's organization. He developed a structure for society to rely on.

Emile Durkheim was the first person to apply science to study society. He believed that beliefs and values hold society together.

People believe that America has no culture. America is a country founded on a idea, that all men are created equal. America's culture is many different cultures combined! That is why America is so unique.


Functionalist Perspective: People view society as a set of interrelated parts the work together to produce a stable social system.

Interactionist Perspective: Functionalists and theorists tend to focus on society in general, or on groups in society.

Culture VS Society

Society cannot be thought of as a whole. It is made up of many different ethnicities and cultures. Because of this, there are many different groups within our society. Traditions are changing, people are coming and going, and the well-being of people is changing. Culture and Society both are constantly changing.

Material VS Non-material Culture

Material Culture involves the things that man has created to benefit the people, and for entertainment. These things involve cell phones, laptops, television, vehicles, etc...

Non-Material Culture involve the abstract beliefs of people. Religion is a perfect example of this. There are many different religions, with many different beliefs. Many people do not believe in being religious, but a large majority of people do.

This video represents popular culture because it is a very popular song.

Culture Traits and Patterns

A pattern between cultures would be education. Many countries value education. Education systems in America could be compared to those in the UK. There are many traits within cultures. Some traits in the American culture could be as simple as getting up and brushing your teeth every morning. Many Americans follow the same routine every morning. Many traits are also known as norms. This means that they are normal activities in everyday life. If these activities are not of great significance, then they are known as folkways.

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