Garret Morgan

March 4, 1877-August 27, 1963

Child Hood

  • Garret Morgan was born in Paris Kentucky on March 4, 1877 to Elizabeth and Sydney Morgan.
  • Morgan Spent most of his time attending school and working on a family farm.
  • He left Kentucky and moved to North Cincinnati, he hired a tutor and continued his studies in English Grammar.
  • Morgan later moved to Cleveland Ohio where he worked as a sewing machine repair man, which led him to other opportunities.

Adult Life

  • Morgan figured out how to make a sewing machine called the Zig Zag stitching attachment.
  • When Morgan was a teenager he received a patent for the improved sewing machine attachment and opened his on repair business.
  • Garret invented the gas mask in 1914 and the Traffic Signal in 1912.


In 1914 Morgan patented a breathing device which helped create a safer breathing experience while in the presence of smoke, gases, and other pollutants.

This invention Earned him the first prize at the Second International Exposition of Safety and Sanitation in New York City.

Morgan invented a Traffic Signal in 1923 after seeing a collision between an automobile and and horse drawn carriage. Which convinced him to invent the traffic light. This invention helped save many lives.

-Personal Reflection-

I think Garret Morgan has made a great impact on the world. He made roads safer us to travel without the traffic light, there would car accidents. He helped firefighters by making the gas mask which protected them from unsafe air conditions.  


Garret Morgan

Inventor of the gas mask

Inventor of the traffic light

His mind is just as bright

Garrot Morgan a master mind