Fixed Income Managed Account: Capital Preservation and Stable Returns without the Added Risk.

Miami, Florida, USA – February 25, 2014 – Fixed income managed accounts offer
principal preservation, predictable returns and a rate higher than similar
options without proportionately increasing risk. These accounts are generally
composed of high quality, diversified portfolios. At StateTrust, there are
vast options of diversified portfolios which include:

US Government & Agencies Program

Bonds from the US government and assorted government agencies (US treasury
securities and federal agency bonds) are among some of the safest ones, since the
US government is considered to have one of the best sovereign credit risks. For
steady, stable returns over time, this is one of the best options.

Investment Grade Program

This program is especially designed to control risk and offer
diversification. It invests only in bonds from a variety of North American and
foreign companies and from the US Treasury/US Government agencies that have an
average risk rating of BBB- (S&P ratings), or Baa (Moody’s ratings).

International Program

StateTrust’sinternational program looks to invest 70% of the
client’s portfolio in investment grade securities issued by the US government
and various corporations in various industries and sectors. The other 30% is
placed in paper denominated euro issues. This process allows for low risk and
strong diversification. StateTrust analyzes international economies and political
environments to discover the best placement for assets.

Euro Program

The euro program provides the opportunity to invest assets in euro
bonds. These investment grade bonds comprise sovereign debt and a host of
corporate securities as well.

Emerging Markets Program

The emerging markets program looks to take advantage not only of US investment
grade securities but also to offer some exposure to developing countries. This
would include securities from an assortment of governments and corporations. StateTrust researches
and analyzes different emerging economies and environments to determine the
best opportunities.


StateTrustis a privately owned financial institution
specializing in wealth and investment management. It
operates in the United States
through StateTrust Capital LLC, an
investment advisor firm and StateTrust Investments Inc., a registered broker-dealer.

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