Emma Haley Hr:4th

At the start of industrial revolution things were not on the safe side, though things were advancing and changing the way people lived there were many risks to those new things. Like the factories using the looms by hand took too long so they had every factory water powered, going this got things going a little faster but having machines continuously run lead to peoples arms, legs, and clothes getting caught in moving parts and having a limb crushed or torn off. And miners had to worked in very unsafe conditions, the spaces were small, gases in the mines were inhaled, miners asthma, and people would get stuck and trapped in the mines forever. As they continued to improve they were able to make steam powered machines, with that they were able to make the steam boat, but the first time to use them few would set sail,then blow up. Though things didn't go so well in the beginning, they improved much more and started to have fewer deaths and less injuries as the industrial revolution continued to move forward.

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