I started my business in July 2013. I believe that clear communication adds value, and the when we work on an international stage, our ability to communicate clearly and concisely has a significant impact on the results we achieve. When we communicate clearly, we can bring about positive change, both in our lives and in our work.

I believe that learning or improving communication skills must include language and culture components, because everything we do and say will be perceived by our partner according to their own personal culture, which includes national culture, language, education, profession, upbringing, etc.

I empower audit, finance other global professionals to communicate their key messages clearly, concisely and concisely on an international stage. I do this by providing training, coaching and consulting services to clients who competent in their fields but want to take their communication skills, and their results, to the next level. No matter whether it is audit reports, scientific reports, proposals, marketing material, emails, presentations or speeches for internal audiences or external events, I’m here to help.

Quality Assurance Communication http://QACommunication.com

All the best,

Tracie Marquardt

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