Educational Mobile Apps!

EDU 210: MLedieu

There are many apps for mobile devices that can be used by teachers and students alike in order to learn more easily, or even to track the educational progress of a child! Here are what I believe to be among the top 5 most useful educational tools!

1. Edmodo- This is a website as well as an app! It allows students and teachers to stay connected much more easily. A mobile device can be used to do things such as share messages and comments, submit a students assignments, questions can be asked when there is confusion. This app makes the life of both teacher and student much more simplistic.

2. Khan Academy- I like this one on a very personal level, the videos that are created and put on this app helped me in a very large way during Biology 30 in high school. There are a ton of videos as well as other resources that help students to memorize the material much more easily. It can also be used by teachers because if a student is confused this is a great resource for them to discover a new way of teaching the subject matter.

3. Sight Words for Reading HD- This app is extremely useful especially within a lower grade level it helps students to learn the most common words within children's books, it also helps them to develop their reading comprehension which is an aspect of English that is becoming greatly scarce.

4. Pocket- This app allows students and teachers to save any article, video or picture that they believe may be useful. Once they have saved it in Pocket they can easily find that resource again so that they can use it to teach a lesson or to memorize information for an exam. It is an app that is very simple to use as well, which is great for students because children of multiple ages, and skill levels could use it.

5. Teaching with Technology Video Library- This app contains a large collection of videos of real life classrooms as well as other resources as well as teacher assignments and handouts to help students understand the material on their own terms.


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