The Glass Castle


Forgiveness- Forgiveness is the most important theme in this book. forgiveness is accepting someone back into your heart after they have done wrong. The parents neglected their children is so many ways and should be punished, but the children understood that forgiveness is for their selves as well for their parents. In the book The parents face the kids with no food, leaking roofs, no heat, and stealing their money. However the kids always found a way to welcome the parents back into their heart.

loyalty- The kids learn at a very early age that loyalty is a very important trait. loyalty is sticking with your family or somebody through the tough and the good times no matter what. loyalty is how to keep a family together and the kids know that. family is everything.


Introduction- Jeannette is riding along in a taxi in NYC and sees her mother digging around in a trash can. Jeanette invites her mom to her favorite Chinese restaurant and has dinner with her. Jeanette's mom tells  her that she worries too much, and she needs to worry less.

rising action- Jeannette who is three at this time is making hot dogs in the kitchen while her mom is in the next room. Jeanette's dress catches on fire and mom rushes over to the neighbors house to rush Jeanette to the hospital. The doctors save Jeanette's life. Dad and mom do not like hospitals but Jeanette likes them. One day Dad comes to pick up Jeanette and they do the "skedaddle". This is when the family starts to go on their adventure.

Climax- The climax of the book was when Jeannette gets beaten by her father with the belt. This happened because Jeannette was back talking her mom. When Jeannette was whipped by her father she didn't think he would actually do it until he did, so when he was finished she ran off into the woods. In the woods, she told herself that she would never get whipped again, and that she would leave for New York as soon as possible. This really broke up the relationship between Rex and Jeannette.

Falling action-Lori is the first one to move to New York and start a new life. Later on Jeanette follows her sister and also moves to New York to find a better life a career. She gets a job as a reporter in New York. After Jeanette leaves Brian comes to New York too to join the police force. The parents felt abandoned and then soon they also moved to New York for a hope of a better life.

Resolution- All of the kids went on to live successful lives of their own.   All of their hardships they had when they were kids finally paid off. Rex dies of a heart attack because all of his drinking and smoking had caught up to him. Jeanette soon realizes not to be embarrassed of who your family is  

Rose Mary Walls

The mother of Jeanette. Enjoys art very much and dislikes rules. Places her children in harm very often. The baggage she carries around is not being able to support her children. She is much more pleased when life is an adventure. This character is very important because she plays a very huge role in Jeanette's life and Jeanette does not want to grow older like her.

Rex Walls

The father of Jeanette and the husband of Rose Mary Walls. Rex is motivated by his blueprints that one day it will actually turn into a glass castle. Rex deals with the baggage of not being able to stay in one place for a amount of time. What is significant about Rex Walls is he never gives up on his family and still try's to provide for his family no matter what.

Jeanette Walls

Jeanette is the main character of the story and the narrator. She is the daughter of Rex walls and Rose Mary Walls. She is the second oldest in her family. What motivates Jeanette for the story is that one day they will build the glass castle and no longer struggle in life. She carries the baggage of her family never knowing where they could end up next or what would happen. Jeanette is a very important because she is the narrator of the story and she keeps going along with her parents even though she knows she cant. she then moves to New York and becomes successful.

This is the birthplace of Jeanette Walls and also where her dress caught on fire.

The family stays in a hotel in Las Vegas. This is the place where Rex's gambling problem was found out. The family soon had to do the "Skedaddle".

The family ends up staying in another hotel. Jeanette like to play with fire in the bathroom and likes to flush flies and bugs down the toilet. Ironically the hotel catches fire, and everyone escapes. The family then proceeds to head south.

The family moves to a new town called Midland which is in the middle of a desert. Water comes in on a train twice a day. Jeanette thinks that there is a demon underneath her bed , but her dad tells her that she just has to show the demon she is not scared and it will go away.

The family moves to a town called Blythe. The family lives in a apartment in Blythe and Jeanette goes to school. She is one of the smartest in her class. She is often called a teachers pet and gets picked on for being tall and skinny. Six Mexican girls jump her and beat her up, they are again there the next day and Brian protects her from the girls with a branch.

The walls move to a former depot station that has no furniture. Rex gets a job at Barite mine. The family thinks people and things inside the city are way too creepy.

The family moves to phoenix and move to a house which use to be Jeanette's grandmas. The children all go to school and are put into gifted reading classes. Lori gets glasses and Rex gets a job as an electrician. Their life seems to be going god but their neighborhood is filled with weirdos and pervs. They think the neighborhood is too weird.

The family moves to Rex's child hood home. They meet their grandparents who are stubborn and mean. Erma gets in a fight with Lori and she moves to New York and the family gets their own place.

All of the kids follow Lori and move to New York. The parents then feel abandoned and then they also move to New York. When They move there they are homeless and consider life an adventure. Rex dies and Jeanette is no longer embarrassed of her family.

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