Tobacco is a plant that grows in North and South America. Tobacco began growing in America about 6,000 B.C. During the 16,000 tobacco was very popular. Tobacco was literally "as good as gold!" Tobacco is a member of the Nightshade family.

.Tobacco has long history in America. It became popular when the Europeans came it was traded from them.

.The Tobacco seed is very very small.

.There are about 70 different types of Tobacco including, Bright Leaf, Burley, and Cavendish.

.Tobacco can cause diseases like, Canser.

.Tobacco is also used in the chewing prosecces of Tobacco

How Tobacco can Effect the Immune System!

.Tobacco affects the immune system by breaking it down and destoying tissue and hurting you. Also it desroys good things in your immune system that you will need during your life that is how tobacco can hurt the immune system.

This is what the plant tobacco looks like before it is farmed to make things

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