The Marine Biology Training University

If I could design a school it would look like any other school, but with an interesting twist. It would have a large marine biology campus that includes interactive experiments. The school would be located in Hampton Bays, New York so the students can have a hands-on marine biology education. The students would be men and women training to become certified marine biologists. The teachers would be certified, educated, and professional marine biologists and marine biology professors, and the students in training would be taught from the professional marine biology teachers. The curriculum would include all marine biology criteria needed to become a marine biologist, so the students would be taught strictly marine biology. The school would be in session all year round, except for weekends, for three years. The school would hold 800 aspiring marine biologists, and accept 200 focused incoming freshmen annually. The school’s mission is to have every student graduate and become a marine biologist. The students would have their own Mac from Apple to do their work and record data out in the field, as well as an abundance of experimenting tools. Materials such as SmartBoards, experimenting tools, marine diagrams/models, and safety tools would be used. Problems will be solved by debating the seriousness of the issue. For example, a student taking work from another student and using it as their own may result in suspension and a failing grade on the work they stole. A larger problem may be resulted in expulsion because the school reaches for the most focused students. The students will be graded on their performance in the field and their academic performance on exams and other work, so students will be given grades after every semester. Finally, the students would be motivated by a strict education that pushes each student to create time management skills and to always put in their best effort.

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