How Planets Were Made

by Saoirse Ward

The most important ingredient for life on a planet is water.

Did you know that we are all made up of the same stuff and if you were to change anything the balance would be lost. There are 300 billion stars in our galaxy. There are half a trillion galaxies in the universe. Our own galaxy is called The Milky Way and is made up of three billion stars and the closest star to us is the Sun.The temperature of a star is 100 million degrees.A supernova is a huge explosion of a star.It scatters the ingredients of hydrogen, oxygen and iron.

Did you also know that the Sun was much brighter in the early solar system and that a ring of debris of broken planets forms the asteroid belt and that Mars has a volcano on it - 3 times larger than Mt Everest or that Saturn is so light that it can float on water or that Neptune has freezing hurricane winds and that Uranus's summers and winters last 21 years? To fill the universe with stars we would need more grains of sand than is on every beach in the world.

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