Narrative poem, Howard-6, November 4,2013

Rouge with a special glow in her eyes

Rouge of those who might reject her kind

Rouge whose friendship always shines

is always there for you standing ready to fight

runs after villains who make you sad

hides from the anger people throw at her

stands ready to fight all the villains around who

runs in fear of her good deeds

fights against the mean words because she knows their pain

Rouge arrives happy and joyful

acts with reality tho some know its not her

sees the world with all it beauty

because she knows some things grow slow

Rouge inside is a confused little girl

inside is a mysterious personality

inside is a true hero that

is destined to save the day

fly's through looking for trouble so she can

swoop down and save you on the double

stops by sometimes just to say hi but no one seems to have time

lonely as can be her real name has to stay a mystery

hiding away until the day needs to be saved

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