Arch- Rome's Invention

By Nicholas A Avignone

Roman's were not the first ones to use the arch as an architectural feature but they are the ones who perfected it.  They started using the feature in 2nd millennium be in Mesopotamian brick architecture.  

An arch is a structure space that supports  the weight below it. Through the Roman  Empire their engineers erected arch structure such as bridges, aqueducts, and gates.  They also introduced the triumphal arch as a monument.

The Romans also used the principles of the arch to form a hemispherical or roof called a dome.  An early example of a dome is the Roman Pantheon.  

Long-term effects of the Roman arch vault and dome are displayed by the grandeur of Gothics cathedrals such as Chartres in Frances the Majesty of the Taj  Mahal in India and the Stateliness of the U.S Capitol Building in Washington D.C.  

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