Exploration Proposal

By Maddalena Petillo, March 4, 1510

To King Louis XII- I would like to propose an expedition to North America.

Why I should go

I should go on this expedition because you are looking for land to colonize and grow, and I have also heard that there is gold over in the Americas. If I struck it rich with gold, then in return for you letting me go, I would give you some of my earnings. Also, if I found new land, I could colonize it and expand your already colonized areas.

How It would benefit France

You would be benefitted by this expedition because I could find new routes to places and colonize new places, so France would own more land.

What would I need from you?

If I were to take this trip, I would need some supplies from you. Don't worry though. In the end, it would definitely be worth it. I would need men, boats, food, and other materials such as maps, compasses, and telescopes. I would also definitely need weapons, enough to supply the whole crew. And last, of course, I would need for you to help me fund the expedition.


If I take this trip, I am sure that I will run into obstacles. But I am prepared. Some things that I am ready for are bad weather while sailing, sickness in my men, food, and Natives or wild animals. I am ready to fix or avoid these problems by eating as little food as we can at one times, having doctors on the ship. I cannot avoid a storm, but I can prepare the men for one by teaching them what they would do in the occurrence of a storm. I would try to make peace with the Natives. If that fails... well, I will have armed my men with weapons. Same goes for the wild animals.

Alternate Plan

If something goes wrong, don't worry because I have a plan, and I am ready to put it into action, if needed. So, here is my plan if something happens. If Natives threaten us, we will move as far away as possible from them, unless we really want that land. Once there, if it is new land, we will start to settle there as fast as possible, if we are ok with that land. If something happens to me, the leader, I will have my men elect the new leader out of some men I have already chosen. If something happens at sea, there won't be much we can do about it, unless we are close to land.

Letting me on this expedition would be a great opportunity to France, so I would personally recommend you to let me go.

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