Lin Fen is well known as one of, if not THE most polluted city in China. Lin Fen is the heart of Shaanxi, a province responsible for providing at least 2/3rds of China's energy. As such, it is massively polluted, having been deeply affected by the incredible amount of coal and energy industries located in the city. The dust and coal levels within the city are so great that some residents claim to regularly choke on the coal in the air, especially during the evening. Because of this, residents of Lin Fen try mitigating its effects by wearing hospital masks to filter out the thick coal dust.

Because of Lin Fens pollution, people living in the city generally express great unhappiness with living there; peace of mind and tranquility means little in the coal-heavy industrial city. Environmentally, Lin Fen is a wreck; as an urban city, as stated above it is known as one of the World's most polluted cities. The life expectancy in Linfen is 10 years lower than the average in even China, mainly due to respiratory illnesses caused by the horrible pollution and jobs that factory workers take on.

(Lin Fen on Google Maps)

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