This design is called the Floral Garden. From our original graph it does not differ much. Our design is called the "Floral Garden" because it depicts here there are several flowers together. The first flower is graph r=4cosθ, & second is r=7cos2θ. The other graphs: r=6sinθ, r=-6sinθ represent the formation of a rose. They come together to make 2 petals, and will soon make another flower with however many roses it grows! The two circles surrounding the flowers, r=7 and r=8 represent the closing of the garden. A garden is usually limited, for instance the garden in the backyard can only go so far. The θ=π/2 loks like a line just running through the garden, but it actually represents the stem of all the flowers. EAch graph plays an important part of our design. This is our Floral Garden.

-Cherry Myung & Jane Lee Period= 3  #PolarProject3

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