European Exploration Proposal

By:Parker Le

Would you, King James VII, kindly grant and fund me a trip to the new world. I have many reasons why I will accomplish more than all of the other European explorer.

I know that you are looking for a Northwestern sea route to Asia, but what I have to show to you is much better.

There is this resource in the New World that is highly addictive and will make you loads of money. The people of England will love it. It is called tobacco.

The tobacco I am looking for is located at a place called Virginia, in the New World. You can see exactly where it is because of the marker on the map you can see above. I plan to leave in June of 1503. I will need 110 people, with supplies to last us with a two month supply of food for each man.

Here is a video that will show you how I will treat the people that I encounter. These pictures show how I will treat them if they don't corporate. When I am there I can kill two birds with one stone and also change people to Christianity.

If their is a problem and we encounter other European countries, then we will have state of the art, 16th century guns.

The Spanish are going to the far south to find a water route through the Pacific Ocean and the French are trying to establish a colony in the New World. Lucky neither country is planned to arrive near Virginia, the place we are expected to land. This mean we won't have anymore trouble than we need. When I come back to England we will be rich!


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