Save the Children, Save the World

Natalie k.

Have you ever wondered what 600,000,000 families have to live on in one day? The answer: $1! The truth is, the families of 600,000,000 children have to survive on a dollar a day! Save the Children works toward helping impoverished families.

I am nominating Save the Children for the Conrad Hilton Humanitarian Award. I nominated them for these reasons: Save the Children is an organization, they make extraordinary contributions to alleviating human suffering, Save the Children has a record of helping many others with an innovative design and efficiency, Save the Children also demonstrates long term impact.

Dorothy Buxton and Eglantine Jebb started the Fight the Famine Council in World War I, which later became the Save the Children fund. Dorothy was a strong and popular leader who was very persuasive. This could be a reason they had successful publicity. They raised money for practical help for European children. The people in England were not told about what was going on in Germany, so a group of English women let people know about the starvation by translating news into English. These women were known as the Fight the Famine Council. They also used newspaper publicity. Eglantine Jebb tried to inform the public about the impact of the blockade on children in World War I. She was arrested for speaking up to help the children. She was also fined five pounds, the equivalent of $4,000 today! In 1919, the Fight the Famine Council decided that informing people was not enough to help the children.That year the Save the Children fund was set up. The fund became very effective at providing food, clothes, and money for English kids. The fund dealt with a string of disasters post World War I which led to the fund becoming a permanent organization. By 1921 the Save the Children fund helped with the famine in Russian and fed up to 650,000 people. It cost about $40 to feed one person for a week. The organization was successful fundraising and donations came in quickly. One donation was attached to an advertising leaflet and had a large check on it. Currently , Save the Children has many workers. Some workers who have made an impact are: Worknesh Mekkenon, who is determined to build Ethiopian schools, Gary Shaye, a field officer who runs a program in Bolivia, Fiona Farley, an education manager in Vietnam, and Adam Keehn, who delivers food and aid to millions.

Save the Children has some concerns about a few things. First of all, they are concerned about the education of kids living in poverty. What is more, many kids die of diseases that are easily treated! Save the Children has the right to be concerned.

Save the Children has made a great impact on humanity. They educated us about kid’s rights. They started operating a program after the 2003 war. In the U.K. and Scotland they are teaching about children’s rights. They are helping in Iraq. And they are also helping in Afghanistan.

Save the Children conducts many campaigns. They run programs to help people’s health.They organize programs for adults that include reading and writing. Save the Children also protects against HIV, which was killing 20,000,000 worldwide! They also build clean water systems. Everyone shares school costs, and they are kept as low as possible. They also run programs to help the health of moms and kids worldwide.

Save the Children provides health and nutrition too. More than 150,000,000 kids in developing countries are malnourished! Malnutrition contributes to killing children every year! Their programs ensure healthy kids by giving them the things that they need to get healthy. Also, every year, 1,000,000 babies die the day that they are born! 2,000,000 die in their 1st month. They also give special attention to poor communities.

Save the Children also runs many projects in the U.S.A. They ensure that all kids have a chance at a brighter future by giving early learning. Kids in poverty’s early learning activities are often few and far between. Only ⅓ U.S. 4th graders are proficient readers. Also, more than 23,000,000 U.S. kids are overweight. Save the Children helps with this. Save the Children also helps communities recover from tornados. In 2013 Save the Children helped 18,500 in tornado damaged O.K. U.S. kids living in poverty come to school, and they are not ready to succeed. 16,000,000 kids in America live in poverty. Nearly 1 in 4 U.S. kids live in poverty. Save the Children runs U.S. Programs to stop U.S. poverty.

Over time, Save the Children has shown many qualities over time. For one, they are child-focused and work in the best interest of the child. They also take a child’s point of view of the world. They also largely participate, and believe in giving children rights. They are also known for their accountability. They believe in responsibility.

Save the Children has done many things over time. They have echoed their name over time too. What I am saying is very important. Save the Children, Save the World!

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