Non Traditional Career Day

4 Main Points:

- Girls working on roofers

- Follow what you want to be

- Girls Working on cars

- Girls working on welding

- Boys being nurses

                           Women doing boy jobs. And men doing Women jobs.

Women so often do boy jobs. Like working on cars and welding. And men such do girl jobs such as being a nurse. This is called non traditional career day. They do this because there are many women and men that do the opposite job they are suppose to do. Also men. They do opposite jobs of what they would usually do. Men are doing jobs such as nurses, and Interviewers. Women are doing jobs such as being in the army, welding and even things like car mechanics. More than 60 7th and 8th grade girls from Canton City middle schools attended the event on Oct. 22 to try their hands at jobs such as finger-printing, wood-working, engineering and welding. And some men don't think that the men jobs are appealing for them because they want to do different career jobs.

Point 1: Girls like to do Men jobs. and men like to do girl jobs.

Boys do girls jobs such as:  Kindergarten Teachers, Nurses, Theatrical and Performance Makeup Artists, and more.