February conference

by chase .H


I got869 on my SRI test.

On the MLK Jr. Leader packet I got 7/10.

On Dust of Snow I got 7/10.

I need to work on vocabulary because I got 7/12.


On news ELA I got 3/4.

On settlers and indians I got 1/6.

On colorado persuasive essay I got 13/24.


On my math quizzes I got 3/10,3/5,5/5,2/4,5/5,8/10.

On my divisoion test I got 15/28.

Im doing good on unknown numbers.

I think I need to work on long division.

I am on my 3s for minute time test.

Social Studies

I got 5/18 on my chapter four unit test.

On my chapter 8 unit test I got 20/30.

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