Hey there i'm Connor Richardson. I like Pokémon and yes that is a Pikachu slapping a Pikachu.

I've like Pokémon since I was 2 years old. Pokémon was the best anime besides Naruto, & Dragon Ball Z. But, in 2013 they decided to ruin it with  all new Pokémon. I decided to stop watching Pokémon since then.

Enough of that lets move on.  

When I was in fifth grade way after my birthday like on May 31.

I broke my wrist tripping over my feet ''so clutch totally''. I spent the

hole summer in a cast. that means no swimming,  no baseball, can't

move when I sleep, etc. the beginning of sixth grade I had to wear

a brace until September 20.

Ever since I've been careful to not break anything and I haven't.

I've been playing baseball since I was 4. But, since I broke my wrist I had to skip a year of baseball. So im getting ready for baseball this year. I'll be ready when it comes. I want to play for the mlb  when I get older probably get drafted from college.

I've been playing football for almost a good year now. It's my second favorite sport but, it will never be better than baseball. I've wished they had football in elementary but, they never did and they probably never will but a guy can dream. I want to get a scholarship for UT. For my backup college probably U.T.A. Hopefully I get drafted to play for the NFL when i'm older.

I've been playing basketball for a good 3 or 4 months. But, if I keep on playing basketball through high school and college I might get drafted to the NBA. Before I get drafted to the NBA I want to get a scholarship to U.T.A.

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