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Panama is located in Central America between Costa Rica to the North and Columbia to the South. Panama has an area of 77,381 square kilometers and 29,762 square miles.


Panama's land is mostly steep, rugged, dissected, upland plains, hills, and lots of mountains.


Mostly the weather in Panama is Humid, Hot, or cloudy. There is a rainy season (May to January) and a short dry season (January to May).  


    The most language used in Panama is Spanish. But 14% of Panama speaks English.


The Red and the Blue on the flag represent the two leading political parties in Panama, Red for liberals and the Blue for conservatives. The white symbolizes the peace between them. The Blue stars stands for purity and peace. The Red star stands for rule of law.


Panama's main food that they eat is Healthy food, Vegetables, Fruits, Sea food, and Cuisine food. The races that live their are Indian's, Blacks, Cunas, and Guaymi. The percentage of each race White-10%, Indian-14%, Black-6%, Mestizo-70%.  


The jobs you can or could of picked from is Construction, Brewing, Cement, and Sugar Milling. At the end of every year they have money in the billions. They trade with U.S, Sweden, Netherlands, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, China, and Italy.

       Some Of Tourist Atractions


~Bocas Town


~San Bas Island

~Santa Catalina

~Sendero Los Quetzales

~Amador Causeway

~Pearl Islands

~Isla Toboga

~Playa Las Lajas

              Important Holidays

~New Year/New Years Eve                  ~All Souls Day

~Martyr's Day                            ~Flag Day

~Carnival Day                             ~Colon Day

~Ash Wednesday                            ~Christmas Day

~Teacher Day                              ~Christmas Eve

~Maundy Thursday                          ~Anniversary Days

~Dia De Los Tres Reyes Magos             ~Children Day

~Good Friday                             ~Mothers Day

~Holy Saturday                          ~Fathers Day

~Easter                                   ~Labor Day

                             ~Panama City Day

             Relationship With U.S

Panama and the United States work good together. They work together on safety, Department, Common Interests, and to impact citizens


                       Constitutional Democracy


                         Juan Carlos Varela

                 Inserting Facts

~Panama is the only place in the world, where you can see the sun rise on the Pacific and set on the Atlantic

~Multiple world records of bird watching and fishing

~U.S dollar bill is called Balboa and cents is Centauos

~Large numbers of banking and financing

~Panama has the lowest population in Central America

~Second largest duty free zone in the world

~ Panama built a railroad was the most expensive ever built. It cost 8 million and took 5 years to build. 12,000 people died while building the railroad

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