Bill of Rights

By Erin Outen

Digital Access

Everyone has full participation and has equal rights on the internet.

Even though not everyone has the same opportunities on the internet, everyone should have equal rights.

No one should be excluded on the internet, but everyone should be able to participate.

Digital Commerce

Being able to buy and sell products on the internet.

A large share of the market economy is done electronically, so we have to be careful about what you buy and sell on the internet.

Lots of things sold online are legal and very helpful in our lives, but some things can be illegal and contain viruses.

Digital Communication

Being able to communicate online and exchange information.

A long time ago, forms of communication were very limited. Now, we have text, instagram, facebook, twitter, and many other ways to communicate.

People often take digital communication for granted, and sometimes communicate online more than they do in real life.

Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is when people learn and teach about technology.

Technology is becoming such a big part of our world, that many schools teach students technology and how to use it.

Everyone should learn how to use the technology in our world, no matter how old they are.

Digital Etiquette

Digital Etiquette is important because it can prevent online bullying and unecessary fights.

I believe that digital etiquette is very important because if we all use it, we can prevent cyber bullying

If we all use digital etiquette, I think that everyone's online experience will be a lot more enjoyable.

Digital Law

You still have to follow the law, even online.

Even if you think no one will pay attention to you online, you still can't break the law.

If you hack, download illegal music or files, or steal, people will find out.

Digital Rights and Responsibilities

Everyone has the same rights online.

Online, I think everyone has the rights to free speech, privacy, ect.

But with these rights come responsibility. I believe that people have to be appropriate and respectful online.

Digital Health and Wellness

People need to be physically and mentally safe online.

Eye safety, repetitive stress syndrome, and sound ergonomic practices are all things that could harm you while using the computer.

I think people also need to be aware of mental issues as well. Internet addiction, and cyber bullying are just some of the problems.

Digital Security

Use electronic precautions to have greater internet safety.

Some online citizens steal, hack, and break into other people's accounts. I think all people have to have some sort of protection from these things.

In our homes, we put locks on our doors and fire alarms in our rooms. Online, we should have virus protection and back-up data.