Images Of God

Karina Martinez

Reality Reflection

Sometimes in life, things don't go to good. Sometimes in life, we take things for granted. That's why we need a reality check in life. It's like everything bad comes back to you and you don't even know it. Things in life gets hard for me sometimes but I need to realize that it's reality and if it's good or bad it can change my life in a good or bad way. It's a reality check. God gives you amazing things in life, whether it is good or bad but i need to learn from it. Its like i want my realitys to be like my dreams but that doesnt happen often or maybe never. Dreams don't come to reality sometimes and it's like God doesn't want you to imagine some things in your dreams so he brings you the reality of it. It's like God gives me reality to know what is happening in my life. Whether it's good or bad.

Healer - Reflection

God comes into my life as a healer, through the past few days I've been going through harsh moments with my famiy, school and work. It's like the pain got to me and I broke down. I feel like God is my healer and he is going to heal my pain that I've been going through and he is going to get me through it . It may seem like I'm being selfish but I'm not, God heals pains and sometimes he doesn't. Maybe he won't heal mine, I never know the future will tell. I just hope he does heal the pain I'm going through lately. I just think it's a reality check from God that I shouldn't take important things in my life for granted. I get hurt and I realize that I don't want to lose that certain something in my life. I just want God to know that I've been happy, and I dislike having this pain. I shouldn't have it cause it hurts me and I don't want it.

Healer Poem

God, let those who are in pain be healed

The ones who have suffered can no longer have negativity.

Let them have faith and power to be strong.

The pain should go away, and happiness should come along.

Carrier of Memories

God carriers my memories and every single memory I have. God has great things in my life coming my way and I'm grateful for that. I see God as holding those memories to show that I do care about people and things in my life. I shouldn't give up on anything because regardless if they are good or bad memories they stay in my heart to make me a better person. Thee motors I have make me feel great, those are the ones I love because I cherish those memories. They will always be in my heart no matter what. Memories led me to goodness in life.

Carrier of Memories Poem

Carrier of my heart.

Carrier of my soul.

Carrier of my life.

God has given you many memories, good or bad they will always be in your heart.

Cherish every moment you have in life, God put them there for a reason.

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