The journey

I will present you my vision of the journey Klaus-Heidi and all of the participants had to go through! The brilliantly designed campaign has achieved such great results with no paid media. Lufthansa has met their goal by turning minimal marketing funds into an increase in sales, awareness and social media popularity.

On the picture above, you are able to see my first attempt of creating the customer journey map of Lufthansa's Klaus-Heidi campaign! It includes the social media and advertising channels which the customers were approached through, the campaign traffic generated through direct mail, mobile and e-mail. However, every message leads to the homepage, where the customer could follow the registration requirements and download the name-change application!

You can see the website's content pages listed below the homepage's extension. The website is created in a user-friendly way, so that it is easy to navigate and orientate.

All the traffic brought to the campaign results in blog posts, industry news, national news, Google news and the content is spread round by web-press leaders!

The picture above presents my extended version of the customer journey! The arrows surrounding are the steps which let the winner to its prize! It is a very basic process, what makes it special is the creativity used in his application and personal story that made him stand out and win!

It also includes the campaign results! The social media impact as already mentioned in previous posts is 240 impressions and 25% of the traffic to Whereas, the sales increase was incredible! They made an Airbus 319 worth of sales, equivalent to 86 million USD!

It is well known and proven thousand times, that storytelling is one of the most successful approaches in advertising. That is why this campaign was so successful, because in the heart of it there were hundreds of personal stories, created from consumers to advertisers!

Genius work, DDB Stockholm!