Belief systems

By Shelby Fleishman


Animism is located in Africa, they don't have a holy text. there main beliefs are they worship spirits of nature(trees, animals etc.) they also worship ancestors. these beliefs affected the culture because it had great respect for nature. Most of animism is still practiced today. It also has been very traditional belief system for many cultures.


Shintoism is located in Japan, it has no holy text. some main beliefs are the spirits of "kami" exist in all things, including their emperor(god like). The beliefs affected the culture by they have a great respect for the natural world. Shintoism places of worship are called shrines and are usually found in beautiful natural settings. Worship also happens in homes and at work through simple offerings of rice and tea and prayers.



Hinduism is located in India, there holy text is Vedas. There beliefs are reincarnation-ones soul is reborn into another form until perfection is reached. The beliefs affected the culture by trying to lead a good life(as in their thoughts and behavior) in order to keep moving towards perfection. Hinduism is not exactly a clean and easy to understand history. Hinduism started to take shape during the reign of the Mauryian Empire, then became a huge part of Indian culture.


Buddhism is located in India(moved out of India), they don't have a holy text. There main beliefs are to end your suffering by ending your desires. They affected the culture by they learn to accept what life brings to them. Siddhartha settled under a tree and vowed to stay there until the answer was revealed to him. Buddhism spread rather easily into the southeast Asian communities and china., from there it spread to Korea and Japan.


Taoism is located in china, the holy text is Taote ching. There main beliefs are follow the way of nature(accept the things you can not change). They affected the culture by they don't challenge the natural process. They accept things as they come. It begun by a man named Lao-Tse. More of a philosophy than a religion, it has co-existed with the other ancient Chinese philosophy-Confucianism-for centuries.


Confucianism is located in china, there holy text is Analects. There main beliefs are all people need to accept their role in society. It affected the culture by great deal of respect for parents, elders and country(filial piety). It begun by a man named Confucius. Confucianism is more directed toward mans social interactions, such as politics and society.


Judaism is located in the middle east, there holy text is to rah(1st five books of the old testament. There main beliefs are one god-monotheism and god will send Messiah(savior) to them someday. They affected the culture by try to follow gods laws(ten commandments) so Messiah will come. Judaism begun by the Hebrew people of the ancient Fertile.they generally stuck together, uniting around their faith and customs- often alienating the local cultures around them.


Christianity is located in the middle east, there holy text is the bible(old/new testament). There main beliefs are one god-Monotheism and that Jesus Christ is the son of god and that he is the Messiah. These affected the culture by simple rules won many converts to Christianity. Missionaries, and then the Roman Empire, spread its teachings throughout Europe.In the 1500's European Christians became divided over methods of worship-with Protestants breaking awat from the long established Roman Catholic Church.


Islam is located in the middle east, there holy text is Qur'an(Koran). The main beliefs are one god-monotheism and follow Allah in all things above everything else. Mohammed is the Messiah who spread the word of god. They affected the culture by the religious laws of Islam are so important that they often became the political laws of the nation. It begun by the prophet Mohammed in 622 AD. After receiving a message from the angel Gabriel, Mohammed begun to spread the message of Islam.

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