Computer Hardware

By: Damian Edwards

These companies have been at each others tail since the 70's. Microsoft made their computer a year before apple made theirs. they stole apples idea, but had more funding and released theirs a lot sooner.

Mac Computers

Mac computers run on Mac OS X, Macs account for less than 5 percent of computers worldwide, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs focused on the outward appearance of his company's products with an enthusiasm unmatched by his competitors. The very first Macintosh, was introduced in 1984. Mac computers are generally more expensive than Windows computers. There are not many apple computers that are less than $1000. its faster than windows computers, and has 99% chance more not to get a virus.

Windows Computers

Windows computers are generally less expensive than Macs. Viruses and other "malware" attacks are more heavily targeted at Windows. Many custom or third party Excel macros and add-ons are only available for Windows. Windows 95 was a smash hit upon release, selling 40 million copies in its first year. Windows 8 sold 100 million licenses in half the time.  24 million gamers purchased Windows devices in the form of the original Xbox, which ran a modified version of the Windows NT kernel from Windows 2000. The average Windows computer prices are around $700. its cheaper than mac but less performance speed.

i love the mac, i believe that its better, it has faster processing and has almost 0% chance of getting viruses.


the Lexmark is a good printer that does basic printer needs. it costs $299.99, and the replacement cartridges cost $89.99. the cartridge can print around 350 pages. 16 ppm and the paper tray can hold 50 sheets.

the brother laser printer uses a laser beam to fuse images onto paper, such as pictures, text, and website screenshots. prints 21 ppm, and the paper tray holds 250 pages. it costs under $150. the cartridge cost around $100, and it prints 2,600 pages. in my opinion that's a lot.

honestly i would like the brother cause its cheaper and lasts longer.

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