Myths debunked about BYOD

Group #4 - Billy, Kate, Jason, Mooney and PAT

Myth #1 & 2 - Deepens the digital divide & Creating lessons geared toward the weakest device.

The digital divide ensures that students with devices should be able to bring them and students with out devices would be able to borrow a device.  The students may have a device or data plan, but they can not use them for learning. This is where the digital divide deepens and it creates a divide between the have and have not's.  

The biggest concern is not all devices are created equal. Teachers arrange a lesson that is created to the devices you have and use a variety of apps. Also, teachers have the ability to create a 3 to 1 teaching environment.

Myth #3 Causes students to be distracted

Through our collective experiences using technology in the classroom can be distracting and often times is. The temptation for students is to strong and it makes it easy for them to switch back and forth from academic and social sites.

Myth #4 Teachers need to be become experts in all the technology students own. This goes against the Lead 2021 strategies and the student is limited by our own expertise. Teachers could not be up to date and limit the types of technology used in the classroom.

Myth #5 Will result in students engaging in dangerous activities.  The temptation is there if they are at school or at home. They are 14!!!!!!!!!

myth #6 cell phones are not that powerful, so we should not waste our time. The article is outdated and proven to be false.

Myth #7 - necessitate the standardization if apps and software across all devices. We need to keep the standardization to a degree to meet our short instructional time. If you want to differentiate, this would help but also make more work for teachers.

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