• Capital: Lima
  • Main Languages: Spanish,Aymara,Quechua
  • Location: South America
  • Population:
  • Major Cities: Piuaro,Chiclayo,Trujillo,Chimbote,Lima,Ica,Cusco,Arequipa,Tacna,Puno,Iquitos,Puerto Maldonado
  • Major bodies of water:


  • Average rainfall: annual rainfall in some districts averages as much as 3810mm (150")
  • Average temp.:  Normal annual average about 20ºC about 68ºF


  • Major sports: fisherman,Mountain trekking, Mountaineering, Surfing, White water rafting, and Mountain biking, and wrestling
  • Top 3 holidays: All souls' day, All saints' day, and battle of Angamos
  • Food: Ceviche, Cuy, Causa

Interesting facts

  • Native animals: Frogs outnumber the rest of the amphibians at more than 1,000 species. The brightly colored poison dart frog has the most powerful poison known to man, it can kill up to 100 men but it is harmless if left alone.
  • Allies: Some of Peru's major allies include Mexico, Chile, Canada, and Israel

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