Child Abuse

Theres Better Ways To Punish Your Kids

Child Abuse has always been a situation in life. Child abuse is mostly from parents but can be from family members or just random strangers in our everyday life.

When parents are filed for Child Abuse they usually just say that that's there way to punish their kids, or that its just discipline, but honestly there are many more and better ways to punish their children. Its not always about a belt.

You might say that a child needs to be corrected when he/she douse something wrong. That douse not give the right to a parent to hit there c

You might say that a child needs to be corrected when he/she does something wrong. That does not give anyone the right to abuse of  their child out of anger. Because that's basically what it is, anger in a person causes them to break down in themselves in different ways. These parents that are doing it with hitting are most likely mad due to previous childhood events that have haunted the parents over previous of times. Like for example, if that certain parent was physically or sexually abused it can be an effect to their life which causes that anger to come out on their kids.

There certain excuses for Child Abuse Files. One being that the child/baby was born with an irregular sickness that causes bone fractures. Its a birth trauma that can cause many problems for the parent/s. (EX/ A miss understanding with a child abuse file.

Children who are abused or mistreated, including those who witness domestic violence, often go through emotional and behavioral problems, such as depression, suicidal behavior, difficulty in school, use of alcohol and other drugs. Children who are abused or mistreated also are more likely to repeat the events of violence that occurred to them by entering into violent relationships as teens and adults or abusing their own children. We can stop this matter if people spread out the word of previous events of the effects and causes of it. At the end of the day what we all really care about is the safety of the children.

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