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what is Wikia?

Wikia is a plateform where we can share information about many subjects you like or are interested in for example games, comics. Wiki was created in two thousand and four by Angela Beesley and Jimmy Wales. At the beginning the name of this company was Wikicities. This website exists in two thousand languages and now two million people use wikia on a daliy basis. To sum it up, this is fantastic website because we can educate our selves and share our knowledge

Wikia comes from the Hawaian language, wiki means "fast".

The wikia founder saw the name on a sign in the Honolulu airport. The fast bus was called Wiki Wiki.

The difference between wikipedia and wikia is that wikipedia is about serious subjects ( science, geography, history) whereas wikia is about passions, hobbies , centres of interest....

The founders

Jimmy Wales was born on the eight August 1996 in Huntsville(Alabama). He studied in different universitys like, Auburn, Alabama, Indiana Bloomingt. At the beginning he worked as a director in the chigago Options Associates.Later he created Wikia and know he is just the honor president.
Angela Beesley was born on the three August 1997 in Nordwich(Britain). She is the wikia's co-founder and the vice-president of the community relations. The wikia fondation chose her because he was employed byWikipedia.

Exemple of wikia


My advise,
You should never write your personnal information in social networks.

Never post your photos.

For more safety tell to your parent when you're surfing the net.

If you want an advise use emails it's very safe.

You should never write your personal details in social networks.

You should invent a new name like zhem or something like that .

It’s a good idea to chose a difficult password and keep it secret.

For your own safety your parents must know when you’re surfing the net. For me the best choice is using emails, it’s much safer.

If you use wikia make sure you save your work before loging out.

Never chose offensive topics and always respect the netiquette.

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