Autobiography Tackk by Dylan Joyner

I love to read and the idea of the infinite worlds that exist in this reality and in the ones we create in our minds using books, movies, games, and all types of mediums to produce art. I love to read so much because of that feeling of complete and total freedom to explore a whole world separate from ours and to discover new endless stories among them. I also have a fascination with space because of this infinity I discovered while reading and while the books we dream up create those infinite worlds in our minds, it is my hope to help create a new real form of infinity by spreading mankind through all the stars. This universe is a truly infinite thing and if we can unlock the key to traveling it then we will have created what has always been dreamed about in the minds of those fiction writers from every century of man's history. We will truly have created in reality and not just imagination infinity. This is my dream for the future generations even if I shall never see it.

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3 years ago