Old School

Is it Mobile? Yes! Used For Learning? Yes!

Back in my day, this was the mLearning device that was all the rage. The See and Say. It was the cool toy in Kindergarten and there were several versions which said different words. This one works like this: you point the arrow at the animal you want to hear and pull the string. The arrow rotates in a circle as the string winds back up and a voice says, "The _______ says ________". Some of the sounds are semi- realistic while others, like the cat, are not. What was great about it is that you could take it anywhere. Mom and Dad loved hearing the repetitive voice and sounds over and over again on all those long road trips!!!

In a K-12 school, these have become obsolete as there are far better options available. This type of idea is used for students with communication impairments, language learning, and in other areas of special education.  

Image source: Inkling Media/Ken Mueller.(2013).  Farmer See and Say. Retrieved from:

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