California's Drug Associations

In the world we are living in, drugs are taking a big place in our lives. In schools, kids are an easy target for drug dealers. The thing is that once you’ve started taking these substances, it is a lot harder to stop taking them. So that’s why there has been a lot of organisation all over the world to help prevent or help people leave their addiction.

For example in California, there’s a well-known institute to help people who have drug addiction problem or anything similar. It’s called «California Association For Alcohol/Drug Educator». This association forms people to improve the overall health and welfare of those afflicted with substance use disorders. CAADE is implanted in around forty College and University programs in California, Arizona and Nevada. The association sponsors an annual conference about alcohol and drug training issues and a lot of information is shared to all the people interested about what they are doing.

Another one named «California Society Of Addiction Medecine » is association of physician who are specialized in treating addiction. It includes the pharmaceutical and behavioral treatments. It is also aligned with other specialties including public health, psychiatry and internal medicine. CSAM was founded in 1973, and has been a State Chapter of the American Society of Addiction Medicine since 1989. It’s main goal is to increase and improve the education of physicians about all the aspects of addiction, such as harmful drinking or drug use, medical sequellae, family impact after the use of any substance and how to support recovery. Its primary activities are mentored learning experiences at the annual, three-day conferences on addiction medicine offered by CSAM.

Frédérick Genest

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