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Ann Frank On her 11th Birthday.

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    My Name Is Caitlin Tucker. I live in Richmond, Va. I was born and raised here. I also go to Holman Middle School where I am in the 6th grade. For my English class research project I chose Anne Frank.

The purpose of this website is to learn about other famous people in the world.I chose Anne Frank because I think she,despite her very young age,was a very brave person.

Description Paragraph: Anne Frank

Anne Frank was born on June 12th,1929, in Frankfurt, Germany. She has one older sister, Margot. On her 13th birthday her father Otto gave her a autograph book that was red and white, and it was checkerd down the middle. 2 years later, when World War II started, she began writing in her journal about her life. Anne Frank wrote in her journal for 3-4 years before she got captured by the Nazis. Anne was 15 when she was caught and sent to the concentration camps.

        Cause and effect:When was it published?

Anne Frank writing in her jounal.

    On 1947 Anne Franks diary got published by her father, Otto, who survived World War II. He found Anne's diary and decided to publish it, so other people could learn about his little,brave daughter.Soon after it became famous and it was translated  in more than 77 languages. Now Anne Frank is famous and people are reading it day and night.


            Chronological order: what         we know about her...

Anne Frank was Born in 1929, in Germany. In 1933 her parents, for safety reasons, decided to move to Holland. Anne started her school career in 1934, in Montessori School in Amsterdam. In 1942 for her 13th birthday Anne received a diary. The same year they went into hiding from the Nazis. In 1944 the whole family was captured and sent to the concentration camps. Anne Frank died in 1945 of typhus.

~Ann wrote most of he diary in the form of letters to a person named kitty.

~The "journal" Anne receved from her dad was Actually an autograph book.

~Otto frank was givin annes diary by Miep gies, one of the dutch citizens

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